Thursday, November 25, 2004

Battle Cry

Things are coming to a head. America has elected a government which can, not unreasonably, be described as, if not fascist, then at least possessing fascistic tendencies (that would be in the true meaning of the word, with the state and corporations acting as one, rather than the modern interpretation, with all its connotations of racial ideologies). The Blair government seems intent on following them down that road. Various personal freedoms are sacrificed to some notional "greater good" which is never fully defined. And, most worryingly, we seem almost certain to have identity cards foisted upon us. Probably containing biometric information. And nobody seems to care. "Well, if you've done nothing wrong, what have you got to hide?" is the question they ask. Completely the wrong question. A much better question is, "I've done nothing wrong - who are these people that want to pry into my life? And why?" So they can prevent terrorism? Come on - how many terrorists are likely to have genuine ID cards? It won't help. It's simply another repression of our liberties.
I would like to issue a call now - don't sign up for these things. We can defeat them, if we all stick together on this issue. However, since only about 3 people read this crap, and none of them would agree with me, I need a wider audience. Or at least someone else who has a wider audience needs to be saying this.
Let's find somewhere. Let's try to start something. Do you really want Jack Straw knowing your DNA sequencing? Or how many beers you drank on Saturday? It's none of their business, and it should stay that way.
Think of the Poll Tax - these things can be beaten. But we need to be organised now.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Not very educational

The "row" over the "Prince of Wales" (as he likes to be known) and his opinions on those not born into wealth seems to rumble on. Quite why it's suprising that the a member of the Royal Saxe-Coburg family holds views that could be described as elitist strikes me as odd, but probably not as odd as Charles's opinion that people shouldn't attempt to get jobs they're not qualified for - a tacit admission that he's not going to be head of state, maybe? Or, given that the Saxe-Coburgs aren't that bright (centuries of inbreeding putting an end to any pretensions of intellectualism - although to be fair, they are, mostly, tall...) perhaps he just doesn't realise that's what he seems to be saying.
Oh well, there's only one answer, anyway. Execute the lot of the bastards. It's the only language people like that understand...

Monday, November 15, 2004

Technology, schmechnology

Ah. Back. A word of advice. Never, ever update your OS. Even if you've just bought an iPod, and need to use XP, because your current system of ME won't run the software. And if you do, don't think that, simply because your internet connexion is playing up, you can simply say "I know, I'll go out, buy a wireless router, and upgrade all that, too." Because life just isn't that simple...
Anyway, thanks to my friend Simey for sorting it all out. You're a star.
So what can I write? Too late to comment on the American elections - and anyway, what can you say? Fundamentalism dominates the globe. Again.
And what else? Things move on. Everything changes. Too fast for me to cope with.
I'm sure there is more to say. There is, however, probably more time to say it in. 4 more fucking years.