Thursday, April 26, 2007


I have a small question. I am confused about one little aspect of life at the moment. There seems to be a private members bill going through parliament, brought by David McLean - a Tory MP - but supported by such staunch Labour Ministers as Tessa Jowel; Tony McNulty, police minister; Andy Burnham, health minister; Ian Pearson, climate change minister; John Healey, financial secretary to the Treasury; and Keith Hill, parliamentary private secretary to Tony Blair (thanks to the Guardian, for that cut and paste of their jobs...), which will exempt both the House Of Commons and The House Of Lords from the freedom of information act. Now, I may be missing somethng, but, despite everything, aren't we supposed to live in a democracy? Aren't the theiving, lying, corrupt pieces of shit who sit in parliament supposed to be accountable to us? And yet they want to hide even more information from us? Is this not the yet another nail in the coffin of so-called parliamentary democracy?
These people are scum. We knew it all along, they merely do their best to confirm the facts.


Blogger nebuchadnezzar said...

Yes indeed. What worries me is that they feel they can be so blatant about this and similar manoeuvres. The barefaced arrogance of untouchability? Or just that there will always be enough dupes to vote them in anyway?

1:39 PM  
Blogger Neil said...

Hear hear (again) Puskas. The "dupes" are so entertained 24/7 that they hardly have a moment to notice, I suppose

4:36 PM  

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