Sunday, March 18, 2007

Snivelling cowardice

The Independent On Sunday today splashed a typically over-the-top headline across its front page, apologising for the newspaper's previous stance on cannabis legalisation. It has decided, apparently on the basis of new evidence, that it was wrong to call for decriminalisation. Unfortunately, its argument falls down on numerous levels. Firstly, the medical evidence - yes, further data does seem to have come to light showing excessive cannabis use is more harmful than was previously believed - but so what? Adults should be allowed to make the choice themselves as to what toxins they put in their bodies, after being provided with as much information as is available. Furthermore, this seems to be the current stance with alcohol - are the Sindie calling for prohibition of that? And yet far more people injure or kill themselves or others whilst abusing alcohol than do under the influence of cannabis.
Secondly, they make the claim that stronger varieties of cannabis are more widely available than previously. Yet, if anything, this is an argument for legalisation, so that production can be regulated, and people can be fully informed about what they are taking - something that isn't possible when buying it illegally.
It would seem that the newspaper has taken this backward step more from moral cowardice than any other reason, and is falling under the puritanism of so many of the ruling class, believing that they alone should tell the rest of us how we can and can't spend our free time. For a further example of this, read the Observer, just about every fucking Sunday, when some half-wit will explain why everyone should give up alcohol/meat/sex/whatever, simply because they and Tarquin have, and have found their lives improved no end. The twats.


Blogger Tolstoy said...

God doesn't want you to smoke cannabis, at least if you change a word or two.

6:01 PM  
Blogger Neil said...

This blog rocks

12:38 PM  
Blogger plymouth rock said...

But sometimes people need to be protected from themselves.

The Indi got it wrong in the first place. It's obviously run by a load of liberals who no doubt smoked dope in their day. But I think they are right to warn people off strong strains of skunk. People CAN be stupid and they DO trust what they read in the press. At least the Independent's honest in doing this u-turn.

7:44 PM  

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