Friday, June 22, 2007

School uniform debacle...

Meanwhile a schoolgirl has been told she can't wear some silly ring certifying she isn't going to have sex until she's married. Apparently this is an infringement on her human rights. Eh? Is she being tortured? Has she been forced to recant her beliefs under threat of violence? No. So where's the human rights issue? Apparently it isn't fair that Sikhs can wear turbans and yet she can't wear her jewelry. Hmm. Surely the issue of school uniforms is one for the school to decide. If they decree she can't wear jewelry, why doesn't she just do what her teachers tell her?
Her lawyer is also objecting to the school claiming that the ring isn't an integral part of Christian faith. Which it obviously isn't as most Christians don't wear them. But he's questioning their right to make doctrinal claims. Why, exactly? Given that the whole subject is one of superstitious nonsense, then all claims are equally absurd.
And I managed to write all this about a ring without once slipping in an anal sex joke. Albeit not for want of trying...

And now for something completely different

Lunacy of a more amusing kind is found, as so often, in Glastonbury. A man - Ross Hemsworth - a self styled "scientific investigator of anomalous phenomena" is apparently attempting to prove the existence of an afterlife. Erm, quite. How, exactly? Surely there would be difficulties in finding willing volunteers, for example. And using unwilling ones would almost certainly be ethically questionable. Furthermore, what, exactly, would constitute proof? And would you have a control group of people still alive? Making it double blind, so that neither the testers nor the control group know who is alive? That, again, would be tricky to pull off.
Sadly, all Mr Hemsworth would come out with was that scientists and doctors are working around the clock, and that he was keeping the details under wraps. Hmmm....yes....
Or don't, if you've got better things to do with your life.
Meanwhile, since I am in direct communion with the modern god of knowledge, Google (Praise Be His Name), I made the correct sacrifices and ceremonially typed Ross Hemsworth into the sacred search engine. Apparently he presents a radio show (well, a net-broadcast show) entitled "Well, that's weird". Last year, just before the world cup, they tried to "heal" Wayne Rooney's broken foot by concentrating on it. Some days later (after, coincidentally, approximately the amount of time it would take such a break to heal), Wayne Rooney played. If that doesn't prove Ross's greatness, I don't know what does.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

But, more seriously....

I am allowed to be serious. It's my blog, after all. It's not all pies versus pasties, you know.
Is it possible to debate rationally with theists? We can nit-pick over the bible, and point out flaws in their moral code, and so on, but, ultimately, there is an unbridgeable divide. They assert, on the basis of no evidence, the existence of some all-powerful being. Regardless of the fun of all the rest of it, until they can present some evidence for this rather ridiculous claim, there's no point in even debating the rest. Irrationality cannot be debated rationally. It doesn't accept the rules.

God Hates Fags

This is true - Keith Allen is currently on Channel Four talking to Fred Phelps's mob. But, more than this, that great Christian, Mr Tony Blair, is introducing a smoking ban on the 1st July. He wouldn't do this without God's blessing. God truly does hate fags.
Which makes this all the more blasphemous:
Don't look at it.